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Newborn Photography: An Overview Of The Process – And Why We Love It

Many people think that newborn photography is all about taking pictures of sleeping babies. While it’s true that a lot of newborn photography does involve babies who are fast asleep, there is so much more to it than that! Newborn photography is a beautiful way to capture the wonder and miracle of new life. In this blog post, we will give you an overview of the newborn photography process – and why we love it so much.

What is newborn photography?

Newborn photography is the process of capturing beautiful, natural images of babies in their first few weeks of life. This type of photography is special because it captures a very fleeting time in a baby’s life – a time that is often filled with happiness and wonder.

We believe that newborn photography is so important because it allows parents to freeze this magical time in their baby’s life and look back on it with fondness for years to come. Newborn photography is also a great way to show off your newest family member to friends and relatives who may not have had the chance to meet them yet!

If you’re thinking about having newborn photos taken, we would encourage you to do some research and find a photographer whose style you love. There are many different ways to approach newborn photography, so it’s important that you find someone whose work you admire and who you feel comfortable with.

We hope this overview has given you a better understanding of what newborn photography is and why we think it’s so amazing!

Why do people love newborn photography?

People love newborn photography for a variety of reasons. For many, it is the chance to capture a fleeting moment in time – the first few weeks of a baby’s life are so special and quickly come to an end. Newborn photography also allows parents to show off their new bundle of joy to family and friends in a unique way.

Another reason people love newborn photography is that it can be very sentimental. Many parents choose to have professional photographs taken of their baby as a keepsake that they will treasure forever. Newborn photography can also be a way to commemorate a special time in the lives of parents-to-be, such as when they find out they are expecting or when they bring their baby home from the hospital.

Finally, newborn photography is simply gorgeous. There is something so sweet and pure about capturing those first few weeks of life on camera. From sleepy yawns to tiny toes, every detail is precious and worth immortalizing. Parents who hire newborn photographers often say that they are glad they did – the beautiful photos they receive are priceless.

What is the process of newborn photography?

Newborn photography is the art of capturing the beauty and innocence of a newborn baby. It is a special time in a family’s life, and we believe that every moment should be cherished.

The process of newborn photography usually begins with a pre-session consultation. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you and your family, and to discuss your vision for the session. We will also ask about any specific needs or concerns you may have.

Once the session is scheduled, we will send you a welcome packet with all the information you need to prepare for your session. On the day of the session, please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early so that we can begin on time.

The actual session will last anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on how well your baby cooperates. Our goal is always to work at your baby’s pace and to create a calm environment where they can feel safe and comfortable.

We will capture a variety of images during your session, including close-ups, full-body shots, and posed images with props. We also like to capture candid moments and interaction between family members.

After your session, we will select the best images and edit them for color, contrast, and exposure. We will then send you an online gallery of final images for you to choose from. You will have the option to purchase prints, digital files, or both.

How to prepare for your newborn photography session

Preparing for your newborn photography session is easy! Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to capturing beautiful memories of your little one.

1. Choose the right photographer: First things first, you’ll want to find a newborn photographer that you feel comfortable with and who has a style you love. Do your research and take the time to read reviews before making your decision.

2. Pick a date: Once you’ve found the perfect photographer, it’s time to pick a date for your session. Keep in mind that newborns are usually only photographed within the first 2 weeks after birth, so be sure to schedule accordingly.

3. Gather some props: If you have any particular props or ideas in mind for your session, be sure to gather them ahead of time so that everything is ready to go on the day of the shoot. This could include items like blankets, stuffed animals, hats, or anything else that you think would look cute in photos with your baby.

4. Make sure baby is fed and sleepy: Before the photographer arrives, be sure to feed your baby and put them down for a nap if possible. This will help them be more relaxed and sleepy during the session, making it easier to get those precious newborn photos.

What to expect during your newborn photography session

A typical newborn photography session will last anywhere from 2-4 hours. We like to allow plenty of time for feeding and comforting breaks, as a calm and relaxed baby makes for the best photos!

We begin the session by gently posing your baby in a variety of positions, both on their own and with you or other family members. We take care to ensure that your baby is comfortable and safe at all times.

Once we have captured some beautiful images of your new arrival, we then move on to family portraits. These can be done with just the parents and baby, or with grandparents and siblings too – it’s up to you!

Finally, we wrap up the session with some individual shots of your baby. These are often the most cherished images from the whole collection, so make sure you choose a photographer you trust to capture these precious moments perfectly.

After your newborn photography session

After your newborn photography session, you will receive a link to an online gallery of your edited images. You can then choose to purchase prints, digital files, or both. We offer a variety of print and Wall Art options, as well as a la carte pricing for digital files.


Newborn photography is a beautiful way to commemorate the early days of your child’s life. We hope that this article has given you an overview of the process and why we love it so much. If you’re thinking about booking a newborn session, we would be honored to capture these precious moments for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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