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Website Monetization Tactics From Experts

We had a very informative  Semrushchat last week with guest Robbie Richards and our community about website monetization. Every site is focused on revenue streams, but those streams obviously differ based on the type of website you have. So we asked our community ways they have utilized monetization, common fails to avoid, strategies for planning, and their opinions on privately-owned advertising and affiliate networks vs. Google AdSense. Robbie and our community shared insights based on experience that every website owner should consider. Keep reading to find out how to get started and what to avoid. We hope the tweets we chose will give you a variety of insights and tips you can use.  What are the top ways in which website monetization works best for you? “Reverse engineer how top competitors monetize. This usually involves a bit of manual digging around the site. AdSense? Amazon? D2C sales? Private affiliate partnerships? A general sense will tell me where to start digging more.” — Robbie Richards “Personalization! Give a great experience and share a happy experience with your customers/ clients and they will keep coming back :)” —  Webeo Global “I’ve seen paid memberships for premium content working pretty well (for me and some clients). It’s about giving premium access to expertise. Also, e-courses continue to be a bigger part of my plans for the same reason.” —  Fistbump Media “Being an affiliate is very simple if you have a network that trust you. You can earn passive income from others signing up with your referral link. As long as you’re offering useful products, it’s perfectly fine!” —  Itamar Blauer “From a B2B perspective trust over time is key. Tactically, referral programs have been the most effective in my experience.” —  Moni Oloyede “Depends on your audience size, but if you have a large audience, look for ways to build long term income with affiliate links and influencer relationships. Think long term and think of the products you truly believe in. It benefits both brands to do so.” —  Ryan Bennion “Affiliation can work quite well, and providing value through coaching and online courses works well too.” —  Alizée Baudez What are the common fails of online enthusiasts trying to monetize their online content? “I think a lot of people expect results too soon. You really need to focus on building the Know, Like, and Trust Factor and establishing a relationship with your audience before you can expect them to buy from you.” —  Express Writers “Putting a bunch of ads on your site If you’re a user and see a website filled with ads, it’s an automatic assumption that it’s spammy. Monetise your content in a natural way, such as adding affiliate links if you’re actually reviewing a certain product.” —  Itamar Blauer “Common fails of online enthusiasts trying to monetize their online content include: Limiting yourself to one monetisation mode, defining yourself as an influencer when you’re not, and producing media kits that fail to provide all the relevant details.

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