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Creating Landing Page Users and Google Will Love

Last week’s Semrushchat was super informative. Our guest, landing page experts Unbounce, and their Co-Founder, Oli Gardner, shared their insights and recommendations on creating landing pages your users and Google will love. They and our community discussed:  The Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Launching a Landing Page Is It Okay to Use a Homepage As a Landing Page? Best Practices for Designing a User-friendly Landing Page How to Optimize Landing Pages to Boost Your GoogleAds Quality Score The First Steps of a Landing Page Audit Unbounce is who you should learn from when attempting to optimize landing pages. There is a lot of valuable information below that you would need to pay a consultant to get, so get ready to take notes.  What is a Landing Page?  A landing page is a unique web page that was carefully crafted for a specific marketing or advertising campaign. As the name implies, the internet user lands on this page when they click on a link in a campaign via email, an online ad, from a social platform, or a search engine.  A landing page should be designed with a single goal — to accomplish one thing, unlike feature pages, for example, which may aim to educate, sell, and convert.  The Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Launching a Landing Page Here is what Unbounce had to say, “Launching and building a landing page is all about getting the visitor to perform a single action, so the number one question you need to answer, and also the most basic, is: What you are trying to achieve?  “What do you want the visitors to do? The answer to this should be the same as the first question, but it’s important to keep this Q top of mind because it will inform the way you place information on the page later on (Information Hierarchy) “Who is going to visit my landing page?” This should be one of your campaign segments. Your LP should talk to that specific segment ONLY. If need be, create new LPs for each segment. “Does the information pre-click match with the information post-click?” This is especially key in the header. We want visitors to know they’re in the right place after sending them to our LP. Read more about Message Match here. More Landing Page Questions to Ask “Who are we targeting, what do we want them to do, what copy / offers / CTA will get them to take that action, and what conversion point most easily accomplishes that conversion? It comes down to relevancy and UX – if it’s relevant & easy to convert, you’re gold.” — Patrick Delehanty “Make sure it’s entirely dedicated to the marketing campaign for which it stands. Does it continue the experience started when the (qualified) SERP user typed their query, then clicked on your ad? Does it lead them to take action? Is it easy to use?” — ThinkSEM “What is the single action I want my customers to take?” — Sarah Marks “If I was my target audience: What content would I like to see? Can I see the most important aspects above the fold? Is it easy to navigate? – Are the call-to-actions clear? If I was Google: Is this content complete, trustworthy and authoritative?” — Itamar Blauer Is It Okay to Use a Homepage As a Landing Page? Unbounce: “Obviously, we have some strong feelings here. You should NEVER send campaign traffic to your homepage; there are just way too many distractions. Homepages = discovery and exploration. Landing pages = conversions. When you are running a campaign, always send your traffic to dedicated LPs. Each LP has a single objective. That doesn’t mean you only give them one option, but the main action (the one you want them to do, and the one they should do) is obvious and persuasive. That’s not to say there is no place for the homepage in your marketing. Say you are in startup mode and launching your first MVP ever, i.e., a mobile app.

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