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How to Improve Your SEO by Using Schema Markup

Having great schema markup can put you ahead of the competition, so why is it one of the least used forms of SEO? Something that became clear in last week’s #Semrushchat was that there is a lot of interest in schema, but many didn’t understand what it was or found it too complicated to use. Structured data is absolutely worth the time and effort. Creating detailed schema feeds search engines with more nuanced information about your webpages and enhances the rich snippets, which can make your pages appear more prominently in SERPs. To tackle this subject and give it the full attention it deserves, we had not one, but three very special guests join us for #SemrushChat: CEO and co-founder of Schema App, Martha Van Berkel, digital marketing expert Jason Barnard and CEO and founder of the agile SEO platform RankSense, Hamlet Batista. Take a look below at the insightful advice and valuable tips given by our guests and community, and let us know what you think in the comments. Are you currently using schema markup on your site’s pages? If so, which markups are you using?  “Of course! We optimize key information on our website @schemaapptool. This includes Organization, BlogPosting, Product/SoftwareApplication, ContactPage/Contact Point, FAQ, Videos…” — Martha van Berkel “I have had lots of success with the Yoast plugin for FAQ using this technique: How to Create Google Friendly FAQ” — Jason Barnard “All the Schema all the time. Of course. The question should be why are you not using it?!” “JSON is my mark up weapon of choice. And appropriate schema for the content, Events, company, breadcrumbs (they are underused!!)” — Simon Cox  “Yes. The most used: Website, Organization, Breadcrumbs, Services.” —  Heba Said “Yes, For Articles, Products & Reviews.” —  MahdiAli Khanusiya “We are not – our site is hand-coded and adding it to our site would prove difficult. Ideas anyone?” —  IntelliCentrics “@IntelliCentric Try using JSON-LD markup. It should be simple even if your site is hand-coded.” —  Hamlet Batista Learn About Structured Data and Google In this webinar, Paul Lovell, Jono Alderson, and Martha van Berkel look closely into structured data outside of the Google Developers` guidelines and the types of structured data Google rewards web pages with enhanced search visibility features. Schema: What tips and resources would you recommend to those who are just starting to learn about it? Education “We do a lot of education on schema markup. We offer a free email course to learn the basics. I would also spend time really getting familiar with the Google documentation, and then going to read the examples at the bottom of the page on the class pages at Together they tell a story.” — Martha van Berkel What to Know About Schema “It depends on how you learn best. If you are like me and learn best by doing, I highly recommend: Reading on the basics.

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