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10 Gay-Friendly Cities For Male To Male Massage

Male massage has long been considered a male-dominated profession. This is mainly due to the lack of education that many masseurs have about the benefits of including sexual orientation in their massage repertoire. There are, however, a growing number of cities across the United States that are beginning to recognize the importance of including sexual orientation in their city’s massage industry. In this blog post, we will explore ten gay-friendly cities for male to male massage. From San Francisco to New York City, each city will be explained in detail.

What is gay-friendly massage?

There is no doubt that massage can be a relaxing and stress-relieving experience for anyone, regardless of their orientation. However, if you’re looking for a gay-friendly massage, your options are vastly different from those available to the general population. Here are five of the most LGBT-friendly cities when it comes to male to male massages:

1. San Francisco

Known for its liberal attitudes and love of all things cultural, San Francisco is one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in the country. There are countless massage establishments that cater specifically to the gay community, so finding one that fits your needs shouldn’t be a problem. Additionally, many hotels offer official masseurs who are trained in providing quality services to LGBT guests.

2. New York City

New York City is home to an astonishing number of massage businesses, all of which cater to the LGBT community. Whether you’re looking for a sensual long session or a quick and easy fix, there’s likely a business down on Fifth Avenue that’ll give you what you need. In addition to traditional massages, many upscale spas offer unique treatments like aromatherapy or Shiatsu aimed squarely at the LGBTQ community.

3. Chicago

Chicago may not be known as one of the more progressive cities when it comes to LGBTQ rights (although this is slowly changing), but that hasn’t stopped it from being home to some great massage establishments catering specifically to gay men and women. Many spots

The history of male to male massage

The history of male to male massage is a long and diverse one. From ancient cultures that believed that massaging the sexual organs could improve sex life, to modern times where massage has become an important part of many therapeutic practices, the history of male to male massage is filled with fascinating stories and innovations.

Massage has been used as a means of relaxation and healing for centuries, and it was not until the early 20th century that men began discussing Massage as a potentially erotic experience. In 1922, Rudolf Steiner published his book ‘An Outline of Human Growth’ in which he described how massage could be used to increase sexual arousal. This suggestion was met with considerable resistance at first, but eventually attitudes began to change and massage therapy began to be seen more positively as an intimate form of care.

Today, there are numerous gay-friendly cities across the world that offer excellent options for male to male massage. Many of these locations have thriving communities devoted to providing quality service and fostering positive relationships between men. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing session after work or want to explore some new techniques with your partner, there’s no shortage of great places to find Male To Male Massage in today’s marketplace.

Types of gay-friendly massage

Massage is a great way to relax and destress, especially if you’re gay. Here are five gay-friendly massage cities that will leave you feeling rejuvenated:

1. San Francisco. This city is known for its liberal attitudes and celebrated progressive culture. It’s also home to one of the most popular gay-friendly masseurs in the country, Joe Zee. Joe has developed an extensive knowledge of healing techniques that he uses to provide his clients with the utmost relaxation and pampering.

2. New York City. The Big Apple is a big city, but it’s also home to countless massage therapists who are more than happy to help out those who identify as LGBT+. Head to Lower East Side hotspot Lotusflower for a sensual session that will leave you feeling loved and lavished with attention.

3. Seattle. This bustling city is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxed atmosphere and experienced masseurs who know how to work their magic on all types of bodies. Book a treatment at First Hill Bodywork where your therapist will attend to every inch of your weary self with meticulous care and respect.

4. Philadelphia. Known for its famous cheesesteaks, this city is also home to some of the most welcoming people in the LGBT+ community – meaning there’s no shortage of Massage Envy locations willing and able to spoil you rotten! Try out Massage Envy at 12th & Pine – located just steps away from iconic Reading Terminal

How to find a gay-friendly masseur

Looking for a gay-friendly masseur in your city? Here are several tips to help you find the perfect one!

Begin by checking online directories or search engines for local businesses that offer massages specifically for gay men. You can also ask friends or family members who they know of good masseurs, or look for reviews online to get an idea of quality and service.

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider trying out a new masseur in an unfamiliar setting. Ask around among your friends and acquaintances to see if anyone has any recommendations. Alternatively, check out review websites like Yelp or Google Reviews to read honest feedback from past clients.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask the masseur what type of services he offers specifically for gays. Many professionals are happy to accommodate specific needs and preferences, so it’s always worth asking!

How to pay for gay-friendly massage

There are a few ways to pay for gay-friendly massage.

One option is to book through a website, such as Groupon or Living Social. Sites like these typically offer discounts on masseuses who work with LGBT clients.

Another option is to visit a gay-friendly masseur in person. This can be done by searching for massage businesses in your city or town, or by asking friends if they know of any good masseurs.

Finally, some cities offer tax incentives for businesses that hire LGBT workers. Check with your city’s department of tourism or business development to see if this is an option in yours.


Looking for a place to get a male massage that is both safe and welcoming? Look no further than this list of 10 gay-friendly cities for male to male massage. These destinations are sure to provide you with an experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy, no matter your sexual orientation. So whether you’re looking for a traditional masseuse experience or something more intimate and personal, these cities have you covered.

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